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Message from Principal/Director CES-NUST

NUST launched the Centre for Energy Systems in June 2011 in view of the rampant energy crisis and the critical role played by the energy sector in the industrial and economic development of the country. CES-NUST is an applied research centre dedicated to exploiting indigenous resources and developing technologies and policy guidelines leading to availability of inexpensive energy to the people of Pakistan. The Centre enjoys working relationship with the energy industry and several local and overseas industry-sponsored projects are currently underway. Likewise the courses we offer are duly vetted by the industry and overseas experts. The Centre collaborates with several leading overseas Universities.

The academic program in MS Energy Systems Engineering commenced in Fall 2012 and the pioneering batch of 40 students with background in Electrical, Mechanical, Environmental and Chemical Engineering is due to complete their coursework in summer 2013. CES-NUST ventures to become a leading world class Energy Centre of Excellence under the USAID Centre for Advanced Studies program. I urge the candidates to have a good look at the Prospectus and the five year Strategic Plan available on the CES website.  I wish the incoming students a successful degree program and a rewarding campus life.​