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Program Description

This program is designed to broaden the mathematical background of students and to enable them to choose from a wide spectrum of career options.

Unique Features

Our program is modeled on the broad-based American system; students attend courses in the natural and social sciences and humanities in addition to specializing in mathematics. Moreover, the students are required to choose from a variety of elective courses. The electives that are currently on offer serve to either add depth to the core mathematics curriculum or to imbibe a working knowledge of associated areas where a mathematics graduate can prove to be extremely useful. One of the strong points of the curriculum offered here at SNS is the large number of elective courses (seven 3 credit hour each elective courses out of which three courses are designated as free electives to be chosen from any course offered within NUST). In particular, students may opt for electives that would give them the academic equivalent of what is called a “minor” in the American system. The elective courses, for instance, may be taken from the following areas:
» Biomathematics
» Computer Science
» Financial Mathematics
» Mathematical Physics
» Modeling and Simulation


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