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PhD Thesis Defence - Mr. Muhammad Usman Ali
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End Date 
SNS (CR-303)
PhD thesis defence in respect of Mr. Muhammad Usman Ali, will be conducted on December 23, 2016 (Friday) at 1500 hours. 

Title of  PhD thesis: “Some Advancements in Metric Fixed Point Theory”.​

Banach contraction principle is one of the most famous results in the literature of xed point theory and has provided the basis for metric xed point theory. This result provides us a systematic way to nd xed point of a self mapping. Nadler extended the Banach contraction principle to multivalued mappings using the concept of Haousdor metric spaces. The purpose of this dissertation is to introduce some more generalized results in the literature of metric xed point theory. We introduce xed point theorems for both single and multivalued mappings satisfying the weaker form of contraction conditions on the structure of metric spaces as well as some abstract spaces like, partial metric spaces, uniform spaces, gauge spaces, b-metric spaces.