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Chemistry Seminar
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SNS (CR-303)
Speaker:  Dr. Muhammad Arfan (SNS)
Title:        Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of β - Hexapeptide Analog of NeurotensinNT(8-13)
Abstract:   β-Amino acids are less abundant than their α-counterparts but are emerging as an interesting class of compounds for synthetic and medicinal chemists. In spite of the attractiveness of well-folded proteins (α-peptides) as ligandsfor protein surfaces in vitro and as research tools in vivo, their widespread use as therapeutics is limited currently due to  low cell permeability, high proteolytic sensitivity and poor pharmacokinetics. By contrast, β-peptides,oligomers of β-amino acids, are of increasing interest because of their structures, folding patterns, and their stability against proteolytic degradation, both in vitro and in vivo. Due to the above mentioned reasons, synthesis of b-amino acids and b-peptides have been reported for drug designing in recent years.

Timing:     3.30 PM​