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Head of Department Message

The School of Natural Sciences (SNS) is a constituent institute of the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST). The department of physics at SNS (formerly known as CAMP) started in 2008 when first batch of MPhil leading to PhD students in Physics joined the School. Since then the department has become a major player in the field not only in Islamabad but Pakistan as well. It is a very exciting time for us here at the department as we look to new horizons and try to expand into new areas of Physics. The department has both theoretical and experimental Physics as its main stream. Theoretical physics includes diverse fields like  Particle Physics, Quantum Optics/Information, Plasma Physics, Cosmology and Relativistic Physics. Experimental Physics is mainly focussed on Nanophysics. We hope to hire many more theorists and experimentalists in near future. 

Our goal is to make SNS an international standard research School in Mathematics and Physics in Pakistan. To achieve this goal, SNS has established collaborations with several institutions and universities in different countries.
Since its establishment SNS has run a weekly seminar series in which researchers from different universities and research organizations of Pakistan present their work and share their ideas. This seminar series is intended to facilitate interaction and communication between members of the Mathematics and Physics community in Pakistan.
The department has held many  conferences and workshops and continues to do so. In November 2011 International Conference on Applications and Methods of Physics (CAMP2011) was organised at SNS in which leading researchers in various fields of Physics participated. In January 2013 4th Italy-Pakistan Workshop on Astrophysics was held. Renowned international and national researchers in the fields of Astrophysics and Cosmology to took part in the workshop and shared their ideas.
It is good to be here and now and be a part of an effort to establish a culture of scientific research in Pakistan.
Head of Department (Physics)
Dr Rizwan Khalid