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Lab Facilities
UG Labs
In undergraduate labs, SNS is providing multiple physic experiments to enhance their knowledge in this specific filed. Below are some details and descriptions of experiments being performed in labs:

  • Understanding Errors:-           Study of errors.
  • Mini-launcher :-                        Study of projectile motion.
  • PAScar with Mass :-                 Study o​f newton’s Law.
  • Heat Engine/Gas Laws :-         Verify Charles Law And Boyle Law
  • Faraday’s Law :-                       Verify Faraday,s Law of induced EMF.
  • Ripple Tank:-                             Study of wave motion(Reflection, Refraction etc) .
  • Compound Pendulum:-            Study of moment of inertia.
  • DC Electronics:-                        Verify ohm law, kerchief law etc.