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Welcome to Mathematics
In the beginning,SNS started a four year MPhil leading to PhD program in Mathematics only. In the program, students were required to complete a course work of 48 hours which consists of four core courses as well. They were also required to qualify their comprehensive exam to enter in the research phase. In the research phase, they submit their thesis for 36 creditson the bases of their research. After four years, in 2008, MPhil leading to PhD program in Physics, having the same structure, was started. Since 2010, BS Undergraduate program in Mathematics is also on track. From September 2014, two programs BS Undergraduate program in Physics and MS Chemistry will be started. Since 2011, a split MPhil program (now MS program) has been launched. Here, students get their MS degree after the completion of 24 hours course work and a thesis for 6 credits. In the first semester SNS offers only the core courses, while in the second semester, students choose courses of their own choices. The minimum duration of the completion of the degree is two academic years. About 50 students have been graduated under this program. Hopefully, the number will increase in coming years. Being a research institute, soon after the establishment, SNS is organizing Workshops/Conferences of national and international level. The first such activity was held after five months of its establishment i.e. in October 2004. SNS has organized five national and six international Workshops/Conferences. Apart from this, SNS also runs weekly seminar series during both fall and spring semesters. In the weekly seminar series, SNS invites faculty from leading universities of Pakistan.​