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Dr. Moniba Shams
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Tel : +92 51 90855582


PhD, Mathematics (Glasgow, UK)


    2007-2010: Doctor of Philosophy (Mathematics), University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK 
    2000-2002: Masters of Philosophy (Mathematics), Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad
    1998-2000: Masters of Science (Mathematics), Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad

Positions Held:

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, NUST School of Natural Sciences (SNS), National University of Sciences and Technology (2011-to date).
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) at the Department of Mathematics, University of Glasgow (2007-2010).
  • Lecturer of Mathematics at NUST Institute of Information Technology (NIIT), Rawalpindi, Pakistan (Feb 2005 – Nov 2007)
  • Lectureship in Department of Computer Science, International Islamic University, Islamabad (Sep 2003-Jan 2005)
  • Lectureship in Department of Computer Science, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad (Jan 2003-Sep 2003)
  • Worked as Scientific Research Officer with Global Changes Impact Studies Center GCISC (April 2002-Jan 2003)
  • Served at the Fatima Jinnah Women University as a Teaching Assistant for Mathematics (September 2001 to January 2002). The job required arranging tutorials, marking tests, grading and assessment of the students.

Research Area:

Solid Mechanics, Elastodynamics, Wave Propagation

Research Interests:

Study of wave properties in residually stressed materials is an saturated field of study in Elastodynamics. Materials are generally considered to be unstressed in their initial configuration. However, practically this is an assumption far from real. The presence of stress in the unloaded state of a material causes major changes in its properties and these changes are studied through the effect of this residual stress on the wave speed, its amplitude and various other parameters.

Research Students:


1. Naveed Iqbal (2014)
Title of MPhil Dissertation: Propagation of Waves in Initially-stressed Elastic Materials.
2. Mohammad Afzal Awan (2012)
Title of MPhil Dissertation: Rayleigh-lamb frequency spectrum for Isotropic materials.

Research ​Publications:
​S/No ​Reference
1.​ Effect of initial stress on Love wave propagation at the boundary between a layer and a half-space, Moniba Shams, Wave Motion, ISSN 0165-2125, Vol. 65, Pages 92-104, Published online May, 2016, IF 1.513​
​2. ​M Shams, RW Ogden, On Rayleigh-type surface waves in an initially stressed incompressible elastic solid, IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics, Vol 79, Issue 2, pp 360-376, 2014
​3. ​M. Shams, M. Destrade, R. W. Ogden, “Initial stresses in elastic solids: Constitutive laws and acoustoelasticity", accepted for publication in Wave Motion (2011).
​4. ​F. Ahmad, N. Kiyani, F. Yousaf and M.  Shams, “Guided waves in a fluid-loaded transversely isotropic plate”, Mathematical Problems in Engineering (2001)
​5. ​T Hussain, MA Awan, M Shams, F Ahmad, "Lamb Modes for an Isotropic Incompressible Plate" Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2013, Volume 2013, Article ID 152346, 4 pages

Current Courses:
Optimization (UG)
Number Theory (UG)
Previous Courses:
Optimization Theory (UG)

Advanced Computational Mathematics (PG)
Calculus (UG)  
Mathematical Computing (UG)
Linear Algebra (UG) 
Differential Equations (PG)