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Prime Ministers Laptop Scheme Phase 4-5
Subject:          Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme Phase-IV & V
1.         Registration for Prime Minister’s laptop scheme phase-IV & V has been started. As per HEC policy all enrolled students of your school / college including intake of 2013 (for 4 Years UG Programms) and intake of 2012 for 5 Years UG programme are eligible to get themselves registered online. Salients of Registration for UG programmes are as following:-

(1)        For 4 Years programme intake of 2013 is eligible to apply, students enrolled prior to 2013 are not eligible.
(2)        For 5 Years programme intake of 2012 is eligible to apply, students enrolled prior to 2012 are not eligible.
      Students enrolled after following dates will be considered eligible
​S No. ​Program Enrolled After​
​1. PhD​ 30-Jun-13​
​2. MS/M. Phil ( 2 Year)​ 30-Jun-15​
​3. MBA ( 1.5 Year)/ (2.5 Year)/ ( 3.5 Year)​​ ​1-1-16/1-1-15/1-1-14
​4. ​Masters (16 years of education) ​30-Jun-15​
​5. ​Undergraduate (16 years of education) ​30-Jun-13

(1)        New entry, fall 2017 and onward is not eligible to apply.
(2)        Those students, who have received laptop under any Federal or Provincial Government scheme, are not eligible.
(3)        Foreign students except students from AJK and Occupied Kashmir are not eligible.

c. All eligible students to apply online on HEC web portal

d. Eligible students already registered under phase-III scheme who have not received laptop must update their profile, they will be given access for updation.

e. Registration form is available on HEC web portal

f. Necessary instructions to fill up the form are:-

(1)               Eligible student has to enter his own CNIC number, otherwise he will be disqualified.
(2)               Enrollment No. means Registration No.
(3)               Admission date means Entry date i.e Sep 2013, Sep 2014, Sep 2015& Sep 2016 for 4 years programme and likewise for 5 years programme starting from September 2012.
(4)               Result /CGPA of Spring semester 2017, corresponding semester and year of study will be entered e.g if a student of 2013 entry has obtained 3.20 CGPA at the end of spring semester 2017, he will enter his semester as 8th, CGPA as 3.20 and year of study as 4th. Similarly 2014 entry student will enter his semester as 6th at the end of spring 2017 CGPA of 6th semester and year of study as 3rd. Likewise students of 2015 and 2016 intake will enter their data/update their profile.
(5)               Students are instructed to ensure that they enter their correct CNIC No, Registration No, CGPA, Semester, Year of study Program etc and submit the form.

2.         Salient Points For PG Students:-

a.         Masters students of batch 2015, PhD students of batch 2015 (Fall) & batch 2016 (Spring) & left over students (MS/MBA/PhD) of batch 2014 who were not awarded laptops due to any reason, are eligible for Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2017 (Phase-IV & V).
b.         Standard duration of all Masters Programs is 2 years.
c.         Programs / Departments of RCMS, C3A, CAS-EN and CIPS have been added under Main Campus.
d.         Students who have already registered in other Universities before joining NUST Masters programs will have to submit an application to Focal Person of School/College (NUST) for updation of their data.