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Course Registration Fall Semester 2015
Schedule of Course Registration for the Fall semester 2015 is as under:

Registration of Courses:
              August 24, 2015 ~ September 04, 2015
Add / Drop of Courses:
              September 07, 2015 ~ September 18, 2015
Start of Teaching:
                  September 07, 2015

Detail of courses being offered is also attached herewith. Different courses offered to UG programs at SNS require the completion of prerequisite course(s). If any student got the F grade in required prerequisite course, he/she will not be allowed to register the course.

All research students are also advised to register the thesis research.

If any student fails to register himself/herself till September 04, 2015 he/she will be responsible for any kind of disciplinary action i.e. suspension of registration / any kind of fine etc.

Registration forms are available at the SNS Admin Office (Mr. Zubair Aslam / Mr. Tanveer Khan) during office hours.