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Welcome to SNS

Established in May 2004, School of Natural Sciences(SNS) formerly known as Centre for Advanced Mathematics and Physics (CAMP), is a young and thriving entre that contributes vitally to the research output of not only NUST but also of the country. The research carried out at SNS is regularly published in international journals of repute. SNS offers postgraduate programs leading to the degrees of Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and (Doctorate of Philosophy) PhD in the dynamic fields of Mathematics and Physics, and an exciting four-year  undergraduate program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mathematics. Our postgraduate programs emphasize breadth of understanding the core areas of Mathematics and Physics in addition to culminating in theses demonstrating mastery in one of the many research directions that are pursued at SNS. The thrust areas in Mathematics include Analysis, Combinatorics, Computational Mathematics , Differential Equations, Geometry, Mathematical Physics and Optimization Theory, while the Physics program focuses on the exciting areas of Astrophysics, Cosmology and Relativity, High Energy Physics, Nanotechnology,  Plasma Physics and Theoretical Quantum Physics. Our BS program in Mathematics has the unique feature of allowing students to explore the myriad of applications of Mathematics in areas as diverse as Biology, Computer Science, Engineering,  Financial Mathematics, Modeling and Simulation and Physics.  

The total number of papers published by the faculty at the start of SNS was about 330 of which about 200 were in ISI listed journals with an impact factor of about 292 and impact factor per faculty of about 32.5. Many of the other papers were in good journals even though they are not listed by ISI. There were also a number of papers in international, regional and national conference proceedings and chapters in books and complete books. 

A regular seminar series is being run since the middle of the first semester of SNS. There have been a number of outside speakers and many SNS faculty members have presented talks in this series. The School has also had a number of visitors. In particular, there is an ongoing collaboration of this School with the center for Differential Equations, Continuum Mechanics and Applications of the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, from which there have been two visits (one of 1 month and one of a few days). There have also been two Workshops/Symposia organized by SNS.