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Message from Principal


Welcome to the School of Natural Sciences website. The site contains basic information useful for the current and the future students of Mathematics Physics and  Chemistry, their parents, our alumni, and also provides updates on the exciting changes that have been taking place in the centre in recent years.
Major research areas at NUST-SNS are as follows
  a) Mathematical physics
  b) Differential equations
  c) Computational Mathematics
  d) Discrete Mathematics
  e) Analysis
  f) Optimization theory
  g) Quantum Theory with an emphasis on Quantum Field Theory and Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
  h) Relativistic Physics with an emphasis on General Relativity, Cosmology and Relativistic Astrophysics 
  i) High Energy Physics with a focus on Particle Physics beyond the standard model and the fundamental theory

The School plans to start international quality programmes in the areas of Computational Physics, QCD and Phenomenology in the near future and is actively looking for exceptional researchers working in these areas. The department has already started a BS Mathematics programme for the young talent, postgraduate programmes including MPhil and PhD programmes in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
None of this progress would have occurred were it not for the hard work and enthusiasm of our students and faculty and the support of our alumni and other friends of the department. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of these people for the great work they've done on behalf of the School and its students. I hope you'll visit this website periodically to track the school's continued progress, and that you'll send us your thoughts on how we're doing and your suggestions on how we might further improve the school.
Azad Akhter Siddiqui
Professor and Principal