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Customized Programs

Years   Topics
Awareness Of The Emotional And Psychological Aspects Of Learning at EME, SADA, SCEE, NCVI, SMME, SEECS, SEECS, EME, & NBS
- Psychological Consequences of Trauma, the need for Social Engineering at C3A
- The Perils of Growing Up at NU-FAST, Islamabad
- The importance of teacher’s role in the academic environment at SEECS, SCME,  SCEE, SMME, RCMS, SADA, NCVI, SNS & NBS
Effective Life Management and Coping Skills at EME
- Teachers Role In Youth Suicide Prevention at PNEC
 - Youth And Its Dilemmas for faculty at HQ NUST
 - Curriculum Development at C3A
 - Opportunities Offered By Our Society  To Career Counselors at C3A
 - Psychoanalytical Prospects Of Personality Development at C3A
- Effective Teaching Skills and Student Handling at PNEC
- Conflict Management at C3A
- Selection of Test at C3A
- Teachers role in youth suicide prevention at EME, AMC, MCE, MCS, PNEC, CAE
- How teachers can be students mentors at EME, AMC & MCE,  CAE
- Intellectual Property at C3A
- Orientation session with mother/teacher to help children deal with their  children’s worries related to school safety
- Guest lecture on Mindfulness at DBS, Nust
- 16 PF & Career Guidance Session with NBS students
- Information Session by HR Consultants
- Centre for Counseling and Career Advisory (C3A) arranged a two hour orientation session on “Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace act 2010” for C3A faculty and psychologists.
​2016 - ​C3A Orientation Lectures
- Workshop on “Behavior Pattern At Workplace And Role Of C3A”
- 16 PF
- Seminar on Harassment
- Counseling Camp
Workshop on “Psychometric Testing & Applications for HR Professionals” at COMSATS
Lecture on “Assessment & Diagnosis In Counseling” at NIP
-  Conflict Management
- Emotional Intelligence
- Workshop at school on Stress Management
- PPA Conference 
- Strategic vision
- Seminar on  Mental Health Day
- Self Enhancement Faculty/NG staff
Seminar on “Drugs and its Consequences”
​2017 - Counseling Camp 
- Group Counseling Sessions On “Assertiveness & Confidence Building”
- Seminar On Usage and Misusage of Social Media
- Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Career Guidance Session
- Workshop On “Emotional Intelligence”
- Workshop On “Exam Anxiety”
- Awareness Session On Teacher-Student Relationship
- C3A Orientation to New Students
- Group Counseling Sessions On “Assertiveness & Confidence Building”
- Seminar On “World Mental Health Day”
- Student’s Advisor’s Training On Identifying At Risk Students
- Workshop On “Time Management”

​2018 ​- Outreach consultation
- C3A Orientation Lecture
- ​Lecture on ‘How to be an Active Listener’
- Seminar on “How to Teach your Children about Body Protection in an age Appropriate Manner”
NUST Summer School
- Visit PNEC
- Motivational/Personality Building Workshop for Support Staff (EBPS 1-16)
- Seminar on ‘World’s Mental Health Day’
- Seminar on 'Violence against Women’ 
- Motivational/Personality Building Workshop for Faculty/Officer​
​2019 ​- C3A Orientation Lectures
- Lecture on "How to be an Active Listener"
- Seminar on ‘Sensitization of Disabled/Physically Challenged Individuals’ 
- Motivational/ Personality Building Workshop 
- Lecture on "How to Communicate Assertively"
- Interactive Session on ‘Developing Acceptance of Physically Challenged Individuals’
- Interactive Session on ‘Teacher as a Role Model’
- Personality and Career Assessment Session 
- Group Counseling 
- NUST Career Guide Book  

Years Topics
Effective Teaching Skills For Teachers Of NUST Community Schools
2013   Teachers Are The Builders Of Nation; They Play A Vital Role In  Students’ Lives at PDC
- Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS)
 - Nvivo Software
Mindfulness Meditation Training for C3A Officers and faculty Members
​2016 ​- CBT Training

​​- Two days Sensitization Training​

- HRD training for NG Staff on “Attitude, Behavior and Ethics at Workplace”​
- HRD Training for Faculty ‘How to be an Active Listener’​

- Teacher’s training ​​

- Orientation Training  of Newly inducted NG Staff​

​- Training on ‘Gender and Violence Against Women’​