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SOS villages Pakistan - Orphanage
Psychologists from C3A visit SOS Village at Islamabad, on a regular basis to address some of the behavioral issues existing in the SOS Children. It is a non-profitable organization offering a better life to the orphans who are generally neglected by the masses. Orphan children from different cities of Pakistan are adopted by this organization. Eighty percent of the population is earth quake affectees. To help them to cope with the numerous problems and difficulties along with meeting life challenges, C3A has taken an initiative and provide them different psychological services so that they have a platform to converse their disputes and apprehensions in a safe and trusting environment. The availability of these services helps them to deal with their past matters in a more reasonable and balanced way. The services given to SOS village are:
1.  Ongoing one to one counseling sessions
Administration identify children who have behavioral/emotional problems, Psychologist from C3A then conducts one to one sessions with children identified. The purpose of the sessions is to provide them a safe environment where they can vent their emotions and talk about their issue openly.
2.  Life skills sessions
C3A psychologists voluntarily conducted Life Skills sessions with children of SOS village. The purpose of conducting these sessions was to provide an opportunity to children to outlet their emotions in a safe and trusted environment. Art therapy was used to help children vent their pent up emotions. Children also learned about body protection and different ways of relaxation like mindfulness and deep breathing.
3.  Capacity building of their psychologist
SOS village has newly appointed their psychologist. C3A guided the Psychologist on how to deal with SOS children and also helped her in planning monthly activities on the request of SOS administration.