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Suicide Prevalence among Pakistani Youth Role of Educational Institutions as a Mentor

A seminar titled “Suicide Prevalence among Pakistani Youth: Role of Educational Institutions as a Mentor” by an Aga Khan Psychiatry Department Professor Dr. Murad Moosa was held at National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Islamabad on Monday 9th March, 2015. Suicide rates are high in the youth in Pakistan, which is extremely worrying as the younger the age of the person committing suicide the more years of productive life are lost to the community and society. Dr. Murad elaborated the factors triggering suicide may be twofold distal factors like unemployment, inflation, poverty, lawlessness, lack of justice and proximal factors like depression. However, depression is the most common psychiatric diagnosis in suicides as stated by the speaker. While talking about the role of educational institutions, he emphasized the proactive role of teachers, parents, peers and relatives in preventing suicide.

A large number of faculty and students from psychology department of renowned universities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi attended the seminar. A large number of audience also consisted of military psychologists and professionals from development sectors. The participants appreciated the interactive talk and encouraged the idea of C3A, NUST to bring forward such burning issues in future as well.