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Workshop on improving organizations’ internal quality by reducing job stress
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Psychologists assert: Stress is an inevitable phenomenon, if not managed may affect productivity, healthy relations and personal growth

The Centre for Counseling and Career Advisory (C3A), NUST in collaboration with Professional Development Centre (PDC), organized a five-day training specifically for Pakistan Air Force officers from April 16-20. The objectives of the workshop were to shed light on the effects of stress and to improve productivity by reducing negative impact of stress. Stressors were identified and strategies for coping stress were discussed. The purpose was to help increase productivity and enhance group dynamics. The members learned helpful tools to optimize performance at personal and organizational level.

The workshop was interactive and was designed to meet participant needs. Active input by the participants, fruitful discussions and motivation for implementing the effective tools in day to day life resulted into successful culmination of the workshop. Almost 99% of the expectations and the objectives were met as per the details collected through the feedback forms given at the end of each day.  The comments were taken into consideration for future modified and improved workshops.