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Group counseling sessions on Anger Management
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Centre for Counselling and Career Advisory C3A provides counseling services to NUST students on regular basis. The students visit the center with several issues but the most pertinent of all is the issue with anger management.   Looking at this pressing issue the center therefore announces group counseling sessions to help students deal with their anger and feelings in a healthy way.
Group counseling gives a safe and trustworthy environment to students where they feel acceptance of their selves and others. They also get to know that they are not alone in having a problem which gives them a sense of security and trust.
Group counseling sessions will start in first week of April 2016. There will be total of 8 sessions of two hours each on weekly basis. For registration, reserve your place now by calling 05190851571 and 90851579.  Last date for registration is 25th March 2016.