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Course Description
MS Career Counselling & Education programme is designed for individuals pursuing to enhance their expertise in counselling, guidance, coaching and advisory settings. The aim of the programme is to:

  • ​Prepare professional career counsellors for schools, colleges, universities, recruitment and other employment agencies
  • Develop a professional support network of contacts through engaging with different academic and industrial organizations
  • Promote writing ‘Reflective Learning Accounts’, to evaluate and reflect upon individual professional learning and practical skills

The course comprises of three stages: Postgraduate Diploma, Advanced Postgraduate Diploma and MS in Career Counselling & Education. Students can complete Diploma and Advanced Diploma within one year and can continue another year of MS in Career Counselling & Education (provided they meet the entry requirements of NUST).

Salient Features

  • The programme will enable students to develop their counselling skills through interactive learning activities including, group discussions, presentations, individual and group counselling sessions, reflective reports and placements
  • Students will learn techniques to engage clients to identify their skills and strengths which will help them to have better understanding of their ‘self’, the job requirements, market needs and will facilitate them to opt for a relevant career option
  • Through engaging and empowering their clients to initiate while taking decisions, students will be able to transform their clients from passive recipients of information into becoming active-learners; leading towards greater self-understanding and self-actualization

 Entry Requirements

  •  ​16 years of graduate/postgraduate degree from any academic discipline with minimum CGPA 2.5 or 65% marks
  • Minimum 2-3 years of counselling experience and understanding of dealing with students’ issues and problems is preferred 

  • Command over English language

  • Students progressing for MS would need to have GAT(General) conducted by NTS with at least 50 raw score

 Career Prospects

This is a post-job qualification which will enable participants to enhance their learning and professional skills while working as a career counsellor in different educational and work settings like, schools, colleges, universities, public and private agencies; catering the demands of employee’s career and professional development. 

On completion of this course at MS Level, students will have an opportunity to further pursue their Ph.D. in counselling, guidance, coaching and mentoring.​