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Students’ feedback on counselling at C3A
I was worried at first what response I would get from the counsellor as I was not sure what is problem with me exactly. But I knew I was missing something in my personality. And the answer I found in the counselling sessions was "I am not missing anything, I should change the way I look myself and others".
I am now more confident at facing the same people and controlling my emotions better. I learned how to give time to myself and how not to be a perfectionist in everything I run into. I learned how to control my anger and not to worry about things I can't control but I should try my best in my sphere and hope for a gradual and positive change in the environment.
I learned how not to give up one's interest and it is never too late to start and never too little when it is done.
I am PhD student at NUST. I had some issues regarding anger management therefore my friend told me to go to C3A. I went and got appointment with a counsellor. Then we started our sessions, which improved my personality very well. All sessions went well and after each session i felt better than before. Now my all sessions have been completed and my problem is almost fully solved and i am satisfied with the services your centre is providing.
My counsellor is very competent and convincing psychologist there. She understands well about the problem of person and solves them in her best way.
Thanks a lot C3A
I want to thank you for being there as a consultant when i was down with my life due to some problems stuck in my mind. It was not like i was mentally ill or something. But it was just like i needed a person to help me out to come out of this state of mind. C3A has been effective in the terms of healing my state of mind. I felt like i was talking to a friend. I felt myself so light and relieved. I was just looking at the wrong side of the life, making myself more deep into tension and mental instability. Although i knew about what was right for me but needed a person who would assure me the right way. Now i look at things more into a positive way and enjoy the little blessings of life which ALLAH has provided me.
Thank you C3A.
Dear C3A,
I am writing this email in gratitude to your organization. I never thought I would ever approach you, but your friendly reception and tactful approach to solving problems and issues really gave me the courage to step forward. My sessions at C3A have been very fruitful to say the least. I had no idea whom I would be facing and how I would explain my issues to that person, but somehow the whole process was more than easy.
At C3A I felt liberated and validated. I knew I could share my problems without being judged. This is the basic need of every human, and C3A gave me that even though I did not say anything myself.
C3A allowed me to be myself and showed me the way to put everything in my messy life into balance and proportion. I gave a portion of my trust to C3A and they preserved it as a sacred thing, I will forever be grateful for this.
This is to share my wonderful experience at C3A , appreciate the efforts of the personnel at C3A and thank the authorities who came up with this brilliant idea of establishing such a facility on campus. C3A provides facility of counselling for all members of the NUST community; it includes students, faculty members, administration personnel or anyone who is associated with NUST.  Furthermore, its presence on campus makes it easy for everyone to approach and avail this facility. As a student member of NUST community i availed this facility and it turned out to be very productive and helpful. C3A staff is very cooperative and obliging. When it comes to appointments time slot allocation is done fairly and made convenient for us. Our schedules are considered and timing can be made flexible if necessary.
Secondly i would appreciate the level of confidentiality they have .Whatever we discuss with our psychologist remains between us, the school, family, hostel or friends are kept aloof and no record or statement is added to our academic record. Furthermore if you go for counselling you are helped in various ways . You get your queries answered and find solution to your problems. The Psychologists are highly cooperative and try their level best to provide solutions to your problems. During my experience at C3A i was provided enough space and comfort level to discuss issues openly. This eventually led to productive outcomes which resulted in eradication of problems altogether.
In future I will always be glad to confide in C3A. After my experience at C3A i conclude that every university, school or college should have this on campus facility for it ensures confidentiality and positive outcomes.
First of all, i would like to appreciate this programme on behalf of all the students that are affiliated with C3A, what an accommodating way to keep student's mental health and nourishment in shape. I am grateful. It is to inform you that I have been in on about seven sessions, and i am more than content with the services I received.
I came to a counsellor at C3A when I was an emotional wreck, and had troubles even making eye contact and saying the right thing to almost anyone. In this little than no time, with immaculate guidance and small exercises each week, I feel, I am much confident and self assured person than I was.
What I liked the best about her method is to discuss the problem only but encourage me to find the solution, in that way I am not dependent and reliant and gives me the courage to solve other problems in life as well. Once again kindly accept my gratitude for obliging the support in nourishment of most important part of one's personality.
Thank you
I am a student of M phil, at NUST. Well I have been coming to C3A since a month. Before coming to C3A, i was a bit rude, emotional with temperamental and had depression issues, but after having sessions with my counsellor, i feel a change in me, i have learn how to be patient, how to ignore unwanted people and issue, how i can keep myself happy without depending on others, avoid judgmental behaviour and be observant, how to be optimistic throughout one’s life keeping realistic approach. I am still visiting her hoping so, my temperamental issues will completely be resolve in a couple of weeks.
Thanks to Psychologist of C3A
When I first started sessions with Mam I allowed the energy I had bottled up inside of me to leave and eventually with an in-depth understanding I have been able to weed out the negatives from my life.
Mam taught me how to…..
With Mam I went through a step by step process of healing, awareness and more. Mam showed me the step become self knowledgeable. She taught me to self evaluate. She waited for me to learn and then put what I learnt into practice. It was a matter of time. All this I have allowed to become an integral part of my life no have grown more self confident than I had expected. Mam gave to me practical, applicable, realistic advice on handling a variety issues, yes a lot of them. To take the initiative to proactively deal with situations correctly and keep doing so continuously.
She showed me various methods of effectively putting an end to negative energies promptly and completely with support from the support group. She advised me to seek Allah and to have complete faith in Him. To do our duty from Allah to protect ourself like a warrior. Seek all help necessary.
I thank Allah for giving me an opportunity to have sessions with her. I am now self-assured and empowered Alhamdulillah.
Thank you Mam and thank you C3A. Jazak Allahu Khair.
Faculty’s feedback on counselling at C3A
This is Dr. XYZ, Assistant Professor at NUST. I would like to put it on record that I have got a good experience of consultation with the C3A staff / psychologists. When I first visited your department, I felt myself confused about my life and career and I was looking for help and consultation how to channelize my anger and energies into my practical achievements. I was feeling upset time and again and failing to maintain my concentration. I feel pleasure to share that after couple of meeting I have become able to recompile myself and regain my concentration. I hope I can continue to strive for the best. I recommend that everyone should benefit from the experience and expertise of the C3 A in getting positive advice towards our lives.
I am extremely thankful for the time given to me by your institute
Feedback on Parents’ Orientation by C3A
Dear C3A Team,
By the virtue of this email, I would like to commend the services rendered by your office for the students and parents at our orientation 2013. NBS hosted a seminar for parents to understand the unique issues that their children will face as university students and how parents can best play a role in helping these young birds in taking their first flight.
C3A psychologist delivered a talk on the subject and introduced students and parents to the need of counselling as a support tool. We received a lot of positive feedback on the seminar and parents specifically commended the contribution of C3A department in helping them feel connected and required in academic growth of their children.
We at NBS specifically requested this seminar because of the feedback from a similar effort last year. Through this email, I personally want to thank the C3A team for their wonderful contribution to society on whole, and the worth they add to brand name NUST specifically.
I would also like to thank the Psychologist for her valuable time and her inspiring lecture.
Feedback on Community Service by C3A
Dear Sir,
SOS Children’s Village, Islamabad is dedicated to provide homes to orphaned and abandoned children. SOS Islamabad has started its operation in 2011 and having majority of earthquake victims of 2005. Centre for Counselling and Career Advisory has been helping us for last two years in dealing with different issues by innovative ways. We would like to thank your services to help us managing these children who are from different backgrounds and with certain psychological and emotional issues. The services such as counselling, classroom management and most recently life skill sessions are really helpful and contributing positively.
We would like to thank the psychologists of C3A for their services and providing us help in dealing with different issues at our village.
We look forward to your continued assistance. May God bless you for caring!