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Career Development

Career Development Centre (CDC)

CDC provides programmes and services to help students and alumni explore and make effective career choices, foster professional networks with employers and assist employers in meeting their recruitment needs. The office offers various avenues to the students for personal and professional development and supports them in achieving their goals.

Career Advisory Group (CAG)

As a NUST student or alumnus, you have access to Career  Advisory Group (CAG) and Career Services. Some of the areas that can be addressed in career advice include:

  • Exploring your interests, skills and values
  • Investigating careers and employers
  • Gaining relevant experience through internships, jobs or volunteer work
  • Preparing for employment through resume and cover letter critiques as well as mock interviews
  • Assisting in job search
  • Resume and Cover Letter Assistance

    Resumes and cover letters are essential components of job search and application process. The Career Development team help develop and enhance resumes, cover letters and related correspondence. They edit and review resumes and cover letters and recommend students to various multinational companies.

    Interview Skills

    CDC provides several resources to assist students in their future interviews. The office helps students through:

  • Mock Interviewing: CDC can help students refine their skills by arranging mock interviews. Students receive valuable feedback that helps them identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Informational Interviewing: Informational interviews are designed to expand students’ knowledge about a particular field by talking to people who are actually doing that work. Career Services helps students get in contact with alumni for such interviews.
  • Internship Programmes: The internship programme at the CDC is designed to prepare students for practical job placement in their field of specialisation. Students are facilitated by providing guidelines and essential tools to make experiential education beneficial.
  • Job Search: CDC provides an array of opportunities to help maximise job placement through various tools. Students and graduates are enabled to choose a focus, time their job search, prepare job search material, network with potential employers and search company websites and attend job fairs.
  • Career Library

    A large number of books are available to assist students in their career journey such as job search, resume writing, negotiation, communication skills, salary negotiation and industry information. Students can use these books as reference material in their career development process.


    CDC provides valuable means to help employers select professional human resource to fill their job slots by acting as a mediating office for both employers and graduates. The office helps students connect with their potential employers through job fairs and employer sessions.The office collaborates with over 500 companies, both national and international, in order to facilitate graduate employment. Notable multinational employers are on list which encompasses almost all high profile corporations operating in Pakistan.

    Talent Expos

    In order to network with giants like Microsoft, Unilever,etc., CDC conducts annual Talent Expos at which “GraduateProfile Books” accompanied by students’ final projects aredisplayed for employers’ benefit. Graduates are interviewedand recruited on campus. This offers excellent opportunities for students to network with professionals, discuss career aspirations and practice their professional skills.

    Career Development Workshops

    Training courses are organised to build better careers at various colleges and schools. These workshops help graduates and students learn managerial skills, interviewing techniques, resume-editing and confidence-building skills. The office conducts workshops to enhance students’ career development and aid in achieving career targets.


    Services of this office are available from Monday - Friday (0900 to 1600 hours).

    Contact Information:

    Tel: 051-90851211, 90851215, 90851218