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Prof. Sally M. Benson conducts seminar on Net Energy Analysis of Renewable Energy Systems
Prof. Sally M. Benson, Director of Global Climate & Energy Project (GCEP) at Stanford University, conducted a Seminar on Net Energy Analysis of Renewable Energy Systems on 24 January at the seminar hall of School of Chemical and Materials Engineering. Centre for Energy Systems organized the event.  Theme of her lecture was Net Energy Analysis, the basic idea that takes energy to make, operate and dispose/recycle the devices/systems needed to produce energy over life cycle. Her point of view is for a device/system to be useful to the global energy system: Energy output should be maximized with respect to the total energy inputs.

Lecture by Prof. Sally Benson was well attended and well received by NUST faculty, students, interestingly overwhelming presence of industry, and leading local organizations personnel says for itself the attention she received amongst the audience. Overflowing presence of the audience in the SCME seminar hall was evident that has a capacity of 120 seats.