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Aik Sham Anwar Maqsood kay Naam
On the eve of October 22, a large number of NUST students turned up at one of the University’s auditorium to meet Anwar Maqsood, a renowned poet and writer, and get inspired by his words of wisdom. NUST Literary Circle hosted the event.
Right through his talk, Maqsood kept the audience spellbound by sharing some of his stirring experiences. He gave an epic review on history of Pakistan, the current scenario and the country’s versatile culture. The esteemed guest not only kept the audience engaged with his sense of humor, but also shared events and experiences from his life that were both enlightening and inspiring, especially the  circumstances he faced while working for the television.
Maqsood was all-praise for NUST to see its architecture, congenial academic environment, and the amalgam of talented students from across Pakistan and abroad. He said, “NUST for me is like a Disneyland, something that doesn’t look like Pakistan...” He hoped that other Pakistani universities would also endeavour to emulate the standards of excellence set by the University. 
Referring to an imaginary letter he claimed was sent to him by Allama Iqbal after his death, Maqsood said Iqbal had expressed his sorrow over the separation of East Pakistan and complained that it was the disunity that made the Poet of the East the poet of the subcontinent and subsequently the poet of Pakistan. He also made mention of a letter Ahmed Faraz sent to him from the heaven. The rather funny letter carried the message that everything in this world has an end, and the end for everyone is more or less the same.
The famous television host also talked about his successful shows such as Aangan Terha, Fifty-fifty, sho-sha and Studio Dhai, and how he and his colleagues faced several bottlenecks in the way, but he as a writer and missionary to bring smiles to people’s faces stayed determined. He also announced an upcoming stage show of his on the theme of ‘Dharnas’ that will be staged in Islamabad Club from November 25 onwards. 
He praised the youth of today for being courageous enough to stand up for their rights and to speak against evils and vices in the society. He concluded his speech with a poem that ended with a prayer for a better Pakistan. His speech was followed by a question-and-answer session, in which he talked about the importance of guarding Urdu language, challenges new writers faced and interesting events from his life that he was questioned about. He also emphasized on the need of sticking to the society’s moral values and culture at all times. 
Towards the end, Rector NUST Engr Muhammad Asghar thanked Mr. Anwar Maqsood for his presence and inspirational talk with the students of NUST, which, he believed, they would remember through the rest of their lives.