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NBS Alumni Scholarship Program
NBS Alumni Scholarship (NASP) is an initiative of NUST Business School Alumni and their friends and family to support financially challenged students of NBS. It has been five years since this program is successfully running. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic excellence; however, financial need will also be taken into consideration. The scholarship will be awarded by the Alumni Committee upon the recommendation of various members of the committee. It is sole authority of the NBS Alumni Scholarship Committee to accept or reject any application and to lend any amount as they deem fit without assigning any reason.

The Scholarship has a dedicated account in Habib Bank Ltd, NUST Branch, Sector H-12 with an account number: 2292-70001623-03. 

Application Process

To download the application form (Uploaded in the files section of the below group) and to keep up to date with any updates please subscribe to the group below:-

Contact for further details

Mr. Shazil Pervez - NASP Alumni In Charge

​Mr. Junaid Khan– President NBS Alumni Scholarship Fund.

​Mr. Mubashir Fida Signatory NASP