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Rector's Message
The National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), is a premier institution where students go through an odyssey of self-discovery. Graduates leave the institution with impeccable grooming and outstanding professionalism, all part of NUST’s resolve to give the nation an educated and well-rounded youth. Within a period of over two decades, the university has gone through years of evolution and has emerged as a diverse, world renowned institution, which is now in its consolidation phase. In these years, our Alumni strength has not only grown in number but has also attained excellence in various fields, of which the University is really proud. To bring this community on one platform so as to consolidate this potent force was considered the need of the hour. With this in view, the NUST Alumni Association (NAA) was launched on 11th May 2012 and since then it has acted as an effective intermediary, connecting the alumnus with their Alma-mater.

Today our Alumni are successful career individuals in their own fields and a beacon to our students to follow. The NAA is working diligently for the benefit of the students and graduates of NUST. The tireless efforts of NAA has brought the alumni of NUST closer than ever and has provided them with pportunities and platforms for not only sharing their happiness with their old friends but for sharing their knowledge and findings about the world outside student life with their juniors too.

To make this bond stronger still, NAA has launched a newsletter to serve the purpose of spreading word about various on-campus, national and international activities our alumni members have been involved in. I hope and am really positive that publications like the newsletter will help in bridging the little gap that exists between the alumni of NUST and their alma mater.

Lt Gen Naweed Zaman HI (M), (Retd)