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NUST Alumni Association Secretariat

NUST Alumni Association Secretariat (NAA) was established in June 2011 with a mandate to work for Alumni development at NUST. NAA has worked to officially launch NUST Alumni Association which is working to bring all NUST Alumni on a single platform. 

NAA is a partner to NUST, its students, and the community and has the potential to serve as a resource for advancement of the University, support and mentoring of students and for the professional development of its members. Its aim is to build lifelong Alumni relationships with NUST centered around loyalty, mutual support and growth. 

The NUST Alumni - with graduates from all academic programs - forms an integral part of the University. This ever-growing body represents a rich resource base for the university with its huge reservoir of diverse talents and expertise spanning over areas like management, engineering, information technology, economics and social sciences.
The NAA provides an interface for the alumni with the University to provide any assistance that an alumnus may require, for example, placement services, consulting and others. The Secretariat also works closely with the individual alumni associations of each program to organize meaningful and enjoyable events and activities aiming to achieve the following objectives:
•  Promoting a strong relationship between Alumni and NUST.
•  Encourage the growth of NUST in terms of its academic, administrative, cultural and extracurricular activities through appropriate programs which will be run by NAA.
•  Maintain an effective Alumni database, keep its records up-to-date and provide its access to all university users.
•  Providing NUST with insight from the Alumni, into the needs of the communities it serves.
•  Provide financial support to NUST and its programs through a fund.
The NAA ensures that a good communication link is established amongst the alumni as well as between the alumni and the University. To achieve this it elected a NUST Alumni Association Governing Board, initiated regional and international NAA Chapters and also has an annual publication, the Alumni Magazine. To provide a more efficient communication link, the Office has developed this website to provide up to date information regarding alumni events. Furthermore the NAA also wants alumni to patronize high quality recreational and entertainment facilities. In this regard the Alumni card is being issued which will also offer discount at some of the leading Restaurants and Brands.