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NAA Governing Body
NUST Alumni Association will work through NAA’s Governing Board. Mode of working for each individual Association will be independent but connected to the NAA through the Governing Board (GB). NAA will be independently run and managed by the GB
The NAA’s Governing Board structure will consist of:
Patron i.e. Rector NUST
  • Executive Committee (EC) comprising of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and the General Secretary of NAA
  • Governing Board (GB) consisting of Directors, one from the Alumni Association of each College/School
  • The current presidents of all the Alumni Associations will automatically become the Directors of the GB

NAA Governing Board
  • Ammar Khan - President MCS Alumni Association (SIGNALIANZ)
  • Afnan Ahmed - Presisen EME Alumni Association
  • Ali Hammad Baig - President SEECS Alumni Association
  • Usman Ali Akbar - President NBS Alumni Association
  • Brig. Shahid Rasool - President AMC Alumni Association (Amcolians)