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Membership Criteria

1.    NAA membership includes all NUST Colleges/Schools/Institutes/Centers’ alumni. For the purposes of this constitution, an ‘alumnus’ is a person who has received a degree through any of the College/School/Institute/Center of NUST. Any such alumnus is automatically a member without need for any further application, election, or enrollment.

2.    An old student, who transferred from NUST in good standing, may be admitted as a member by the Executive Committee as a special case.

3.    NAA will offer honorary membership to all students who graduated from NUST’s constituent Schools/ Colleges before NUST was chartered.

4.    Membership is non-transferrable.

5.    The teaching staff of all of College/School/Institute/Center of NUST shall be the ex-officio members of the association and shall continue to be the members as long as they are on the staff of the respective schools. They shall be required to pay the prescribed membership fee to become a member. They cannot be elected to an office bearing position. Ex-officio members do not have a voting rights

6.Students who have completed their degree but have not submitted their thesis or final projects will not be eligible to become members of NAA. Students can only be eligible for NAA membership once they have gotten their clearance from their respective Colleges/Schools/Institutes/Centers of NUST and the clearance will be checked by the Security Department once the cards are being issued.