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NUST Alumni Talkseries - 2014
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Alumni Talk series aims at connecting NUST’s Alumni with the final year students, to be Alumni of NUST soon. It is focused at giving final year students of various disciplines, a sneak peak of what life might look like once they enter the corporate world, known for its competitive nature, after graduation.
The Sessions started on September 15th, 2014 at School of Chemical and Materials Engineering, featuring Mr. Bilal Ehsan (Telco Expert and an Entrepreneur – NBS Alum) and Mr. Ammar Zaheer (Assistant Manager at Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim – MCS Alum) who covered the areas of career planning, corporate world, resume writing, job market for chemical engineers and entrepreneurship.
USEFP mentored audience of SEECS, ASAB and SNS on higher education and full bright scholarships.

On 24th of September, Mr. Shazil Pervez (AM Segments, Mobilink – NBS Alum) and Mr. Ammar Ahmed Khan (MD Middle East – MCS Alum) talked about career management tips and entrepreneurship at NBS.
CEO Halcrow Mr. Usman Mumtaz and Mr. Muhammad Bin Zaheer (Product Manager, Telenor -  NBS Alum) gave their expert opinion to the students regarding CV writing, mock interviews and corporate do’s and don’ts on 25th September at SCEE.
The graduating students benefited from such fruitful session and lauded the efforts of NAA for arranging such opportunity.