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Meet and Greet of Rector NUST with Alumni in Dubai
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On July 21, 2017, NUST hosted a get together for NUST Alumni currently based in Dubai with Rector NUST, Lieutenant General Naweed Zaman, HI (M), (Retired). 69 Alumni from different NUST school/colleges attended the get-together and met Rector NUST.

Rector NUST shared the initiatives NUST has taken so far for alumni and valued the contribution of alumni as an integral part of their alma mater. He also shared that the alumni are the ones having the first-hand experience of industry and are closely overseeing the changes taking place in industry trends. Based on their experiences, they can facilitate NUST in research & development, mentor young graduates and help them out for further higher studies, suggest changes in curriculum review based on industry trends.

The alumni were honored to meet Rector NUST far away from home while Reminiscing about the days they walked the campus as a student. They were Delighted to hear the latest developments happening in NUST as well as articulated their experiences, learnings and expressed their desire of having a homecoming or alumni reunion for establishing a common platform not only for alumni based in the Middle East but for the university to enhance the lifelong association of alumni with their alma mater.

Rector NUST concluded the gathering with appreciating alumni interest of having a common platform to interact with university and also encouraged the idea of having homecoming or alumni reunion in the Middle East. Rector advised alumni to plan and shared the ideas with NUST management which will further enhance and bring all alumni to a single common platform. Alumni also assured their full support in increasing involvement and in generating support for NUST through a common platform, and will also involve, interact with alumni from all constituent NUST