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The Signature

The signature is to be used in all branding/ non-branding communication such as magazines, flyers, posters, brochures, billboards, standees and giveaways/ souvenirs. 

It is also to be used with branding and non-branding print advertisements, road signage and giveaways/ souvenirs. 

The signature with positioning statement 'Defining futures' is to be used with posters, magazine, brochures, flyers, streamers, standees and billboards. This can also be used for branding advertisements. 

No-branding print advertisements are  used to provide the readers with a particular piece of information, such as Admission Ads, Employment Ads, Expression of Interest Ads, Tender Ads, and Conference/ Seminar/ Workshop/ Symposium Ads.

Branding print advertisements are used to strengthen and improve the overall image of an entity and do not necessarily contain any particular piece of information for readers.